Hudson Family Health Festival

Cat in the Hat Healthy Kids Storytime – 11:00am Presentation: Ticks and the Diseases They Cause  –  12:30pm Free 10-minute massages in a private room Organic fruit and cheese curd samples Karate demos Healthy Snacks cooking program for kids 12:30 (click here to register) Great information, activities and games from Hudson’s health and wellness community… Read more »

Breaking the Sugar Habit

Pastries, chocolate, bread, cereal, ice cream, soda. These and plenty more processed foods contain (delicious) sugars that can lead to/contribute to diseases such as obesity, diabetes, depression, dementia, arthritis, and heart disease. Explore powerful, evidence-based methods to help reduce sugar cravings and re-program the body to a healthier physiological state, without feeling deprived. Presented by… Read more »