Harry Potter Escape Room

Take a trip to the world famous school of Witchcraft and Wizardry. You and some friends have been given detention by Professor Snape. It’s rumored the last student in Snape’s detention – a boy from Hufflepuff – was lost and never seen again. You must escape so the same fate does not befall you. You… Read more »


ComicCon library-style. Visiting authors, artists & vendors. Cosplay contest, board games, activities & crafts. Everyone welcome! Conventions 101 panel 11:00am Cosplay Contest 12:30pm Interactive Storytime 1:30pm Board games available all day Simple crafts out for kids all day Here’s a list of our participants: Daikon Cosplay http://facebook.com/daikoncosplay https://daikoncosplay.weebly.com/ MythicPhoenix facebook.com/mythicphoenix Ted Anderson https://twitter.com/TedlyAnderson http://tedlyanderson.tumblr.com. Dungeon… Read more »