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Join us for a conversation with Dr. Paul McGinnis about vaccines, St. Croix County’s vaccination rates and what the future might hold. Dr. McGinnis is a retired family practice physician who serves on St. Croix County’s Health and Human Services Board. 
Library Director Shelley Tougas will ask questions, and staff will monitor Facebook comments for questions from viewers. 
Why is the library hosting this program?
For anyone following Facebook, you know the topic of COVID and vaccines can blow up quickly. Many people have made up their minds about vaccines, but some are still in the middle ground. Others may have been vaccinated themselves, but they aren’t sure about boosters or whether to vaccinate their young children when a vaccine is available. We want to offer those people guidance from a local physician who’s been involved in the COVID response. 
Some of the things we’ll cover come directly from people who challenge this vaccine: Why do some countries with high vaccination rates still have high case levels? Are COVID boosters going to be a permanent part of public health?  If children rarely have serious cases, is it necessary to consider vaccinating our youngest? Should we adopt the premise that COVID is simply part of our lives now, and we should live normally?
We recognize some people in the medical profession have formed different conclusions, sometimes similar conclusions with caveats, other times drastically different conclusions. Participants should consult with their own trusted medical team and continue their own research until they comfortably reach their own conclusion. In the meantime, we hope they’re able to gain information from our questions and their own questions during this event.
The library has embraced Hudson’s Golden Rule Project, so if you participate, please practice the Golden Rule. Tough questions are fine, but we expect diplomatic and civil engagement. Additionally, please use credible sources for information you might post in the comments. The Poynter Institute has good guidelines to judge credibility:
Poynter, which does journalism training, also uses the following in its goal to hold public figures accountable: the fact-checking of PolitiFact, the International Fact-Checking Network and MediaWise, a news literacy program.
Finally, the goal is to focus the discussion on vaccines and COVID cases, not mask policies and not policies about mandatory vaccines.


COVID-19 Vaccine: Q & A with Dr. Paul McGinnis

October 18, 2021
6:00 pm - 7:00 pm
Facebook Livestream
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