Mission, Vision & Why Statement

Our Mission: Our mission statement reflects our commitment to the community.

The Hudson Area Public Library strengthens the community by providing information, inspiration, ideas, and a world of possibilities.

Our Vision: Our vision communicates what a successful future will look like.

The Hudson Area Public Library….

  • Is a thriving community center for information, inspiration, and ideas that empower personal growth and provides a warm welcome gathering spaces that improves lives and connects the community;
  • Is recognized as a leading resource for educational support, self-directed, lifelong learning opportunities and 21st century literacy;
  • Is a cornerstone of family, cultural, and civic life in the community;
  • Is a forward-thinking organization that believes in the potential of each employee and inspires and empowers them to succeed professionally.

Our Why Statement: Our why statement articulates why we exist.

We believe no matter where you are in life – regardless of age, income, learning ability, or political persuasion – the Library transforms and enriches lives.