Storm Damage Update – October 7, 2021


Thanks for your patience as the construction and insurance team continue their assessment and planning. We’re waiting for a full evaluation from a structural engineer, not just for the exterior but for the second floor. Because of weight restrictions, we have to plan how and where to store books while the carpet is being replaced.

More soon!

Meanwhile, here’s a history of the building:

In 1903, the Hudson community was awarded $12,000 by Andrew Carnegie to become one of 63 Carnegie libraries in Wisconsin.

The library moved to larger accommodations on Fourth Street in 1995.

River Channel featured the new building in a 1995 program. It’s still on the channel’s YouTube page, and you can watch it here:

In 2003-2004, the communities of Hudson, North Hudson and the Towns of Hudson and St. Joseph created a joint library. In 2008, voters, who had first approved a similar advisory referendum, rejected plans to buy and renovate the current First Street building, formerly the home of the Nuclear Management Company.

In 2009, the City of Hudson purchased the building for $2.5 million for the library and police department. The $500,000 renovation project was covered by a federal grant ($147,000) and donations ($150,000). Library impact fees from the City of Hudson and Village of North Hudson paid the balance.

The new library opened on July 10, 2010, occupying about 19,000 square feet. The library pays an annual occupancy fee of $143,000 to the City of Hudson.

More soon!