Storm Damage Update – September 21



Hello, friends.

First, what we don’t know:

    • The damage estimate and the cleaning timeline are pending.

Key takeaways:

    • We can’t do curbside service until the upstairs is cleaned and re-carpeted. We can process holds and schedule pick up.
    • Programs will continue! We’re looking for offsite locations for in-person programs. We’ll share that information as soon as details are locked in.

What’s new:

    • We found water in the building after the rain Monday night. The roof is being inspected.

What we know about upstairs:

    • The second floor will be cleaned by a professional firm experienced with storm damage. They will open, inspect and clean every single book in the children’s department and the first rows of the adult section. These are areas affected by glass. The rest of the books will be cleaned but not to the same degree.
    • The carpet will be replaced except for rooms where doors were closed. The crew will move the books and shelving. (Whew!)
    • The “soft” furniture in and near the children’s area will be replaced.
    • When the crew is finished, we can reopen.

What we know about the lobby:

  • Here’s the bad news: The project won’t start until around April. The wait time for those large custom windows is about five months.
  • The entire facade will be rebuilt. It sounds like we can remain open through most of the work.
  • The lobby furniture will all be replaced.

More soon!
Thanks for your support.