Take Home Play Kits

Young kids like the library’s books, but there’s something else that keeps them coming. They love our selection of toys, games and puzzles.

Those items have been stored since March because of the pandemic, so we created a series of fun play kits for families to check out and take home. The kits complement our popular take-home STEAM bags.

Play is learning, which is why the library dedicates space for toys. Since play is self-motivated, kids are active and focused on what they’re doing, whether they’re pretending to be pirates, stacking blocks, hosting a tea party with stuffed animals, or rolling down a hill. They learn through experience and interaction. Playing stimulates creative thinking and problem solving.

The kits available for check out:

  • American Girl Doll with clothes and accessories.
  • Three Lego Sets: Harry Potter: Hagrid’s Hut/Buckbeak’s Rescue, Disney Frozen II/Enchanted Treehouse, and Treehouse Treasures.
  • Magnetic Blocks.
  • Ten Game Packs with multiple games per pack, such as Catan, Telestrations, Trivial Pursuit Family Edition, Battleship and more.
  • Two Park Packs: Passes for admission to county parks, binoculars, information about nature and more. Thanks to Health Partners PowerUp program for supplying the Park Packs.
  • Existing STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics) kits: Melt and Mold Crayon Art; Birds in Flight (bird-watching kit); Music Makers; Baking Fun (several cake pans and decorating tools); a microscope with prepared and empty slides; Backyard Bugs, Ready, Set, Code (concepts for young children); Cubelets; Night Sky Astronomy Kit; and a ukulele.

These kits are possible thanks to community members who donate to the Hudson Area Library Foundation.