Bittersweet Departure, Tremendous Gratitude

From the smoky hills of Tennessee, I arrived in Hudson on a crisp October morning in 2015, with no idea of the challenges that lay ahead of me. At that time, the library was closed on Mondays, programming was minimal, and the issues of the past hung over the library like a shadow that stifles the growth of everything in its path.

Still, beneath it all, I could see the amazing potential of this library, and it was in those challenges that I found the inspiration to create a new vision for the library, to re-imagine the library’s role in and relationship with the community, and to overcome the shadow of the past, so that the library could flourish and become a valued community asset. As I prepare to leave Hudson, I believe that we have achieved those goals. I am leaving the Hudson Area Public Library a better place.

Over the past four and a half years, the library has been transformed, and I am so proud of all that has been accomplished under my leadership. With the support of the community, the Hudson Area Library Foundation, and the Friends of the Library, our creative, innovative staff has been empowered to create vibrant programming for all ages, to develop dynamic collections for everyone, to reimagine library spaces, and to build partnerships throughout the community.

Even through a pandemic, the library found new ways to serve the community—through virtual programming and curbside services. The foundation for success has been laid, and I know that the Hudson Area Public Library is going to continue to flourish long after I am gone.

Finally, as my time as the Director of the Hudson Area Public Library comes to a bittersweet end, I want to say, “thank you” to the Hudson Area community—to all of our patrons, donors and supporters, to the Library Board, the Hudson Area Library Foundation, the Friends of the Library, to our municipal partners, the City of Hudson staff, and most of all to my library family – the staff of the Hudson Area Public Library. Thank you all for the opportunity to serve this community, and for all of the support—through the highs and lows—that you have given me.

There will always be a special place in my heart for this community, this library, and my Hudson library family. As I head off to a new adventure in North Carolina, I know that I will never forget the people of Hudson nor the memories made in Hudson. Thank you for everything!