We’re Open!

The Hudson Area Public Library will reopen for patron visits beginning Monday, July 6. The re-opening plan calls for limited hours and caps on number of visitors. “We’re thrilled to get people back in the building, but the top priority is the safety of patrons and staff. We’re taking a cautious approach. We appreciate everyone’s… Read more »

Bittersweet Departure, Tremendous Gratitude

From the smoky hills of Tennessee, I arrived in Hudson on a crisp October morning in 2015, with no idea of the challenges that lay ahead of me. At that time, the library was closed on Mondays, programming was minimal, and the issues of the past hung over the library like a shadow that stifles… Read more »

Reopening Status

When the WI Supreme Court struck down the governor’s “Safer at Home” order, people poured into downtown Hudson. The desire for our pre-pandemic lives is clear. Your library staff members are tackling the question of when and how to open the Hudson Area Public Library. (For information about other regional libraries, please check their websites.)… Read more »