Being Thankful

At the Hudson Area Public Library, we would like to extend a heartfelt thank you to the community members, business owners and patrons in the neighborhood of St. Croix County.  We appreciate everything you do to support us – the people who volunteer here, who visit us, who donate prizes for programs, who lead a program, or donate to our annual campaign fund. We want to be the community’s gathering place, a refuge, and a resource for those seeking lifelong learning.

Working in a library is an extremely rewarding job. Most librarians are naturally curious – and we literally have answers at our fingertips. Providing these answers to patrons, or steering them in the right direction, is a reward in itself. Somedays working as a librarian is like being a detective. It’s exciting, refreshing, and we are always learning new things at work. Typically, librarians are interested in many things, and we always appreciate the opportunity to learn from patrons.

Walk into the Hudson Area Public Library and you will find a team of public servants ready to help you.