Everything Parents Need to Know About Kids and Vaping

Even before vaping-related illnesses dominated headlines, advocacy groups were sounding alarms about potential risks. The aerosol in e-cigarettes can contain tiny chemical particles, they warned, that might cause damage to lungs.

Those fears have materialized. The Center for Disease Control reports a multi-state outbreak of lung injuries associated with vaping, including a teen whose lungs now resemble those of a 70-year-old after a year of vaping.

According to the Truth Initiative, an advocacy organization, nearly 12 percent of high school students were vaping in 2017, a huge jump from a reported 1.5 percent six years earlier. Middle school students are experimenting with it, too, although in smaller numbers. Yet only 37 percent of young users said they were aware e-cigarettes have nicotine.

We want parents to have good information about vaping, so we’ve invited a presenter from Western Wisconsin for Tobacco-Free Living to conduct a program at the library. Please join us Thursday, Nov. 7 from 6 p.m. to 7 p.m. for “Everything Parents Need to Know about Vaping.” For our planning, please call or go online to register.