Children’s Area Revitalization

Patrons may have noticed that our children’s area has been “under construction” for a few months and may be wondering why! The Friends of the Library and local businesses provided us with grants to overhaul our children’s area to better meet the needs of patrons. The grants allowed us to replenish all of our children’s materials so we could provide a more up-to-date collection. Additionally, we were able to restructure our picture books into a Picture Book City. This is a system of organizing picture books by topic rather than alphabetically by author. With inspiration from neighboring and nationwide libraries, we initiated this remodel with the goal of making children’s materials easier to locate and access. 

Just like any city, ours will have neighborhoods. For example, we will have an “Imagination” neighborhood which will include books about pirates and dragons, while the “Favorites” neighborhood will include, well, favorite books from past to present (think Berenstain Bears and Pete the Cat).  

Instead of answering the question “who wrote that one book about dinosaurs?” we direct you to the place where all of the dinosaur books are located. We hope to have the project completed by early 2020 and cannot wait to welcome you all into our new city. All of our projects are initiated with the community in mind. We welcome everyone and want to make our space accessible to all. This means recognizing where changes can be made and implementing them. We understand the pivotal community role we play; libraries are a transformative space, and when changes are made you, as participants and contributors to our institution, will be kept informed. 

Thank you to the following donors who made this revitalization project possible: Friends of the Hudson Library, AnnMarie Foundation, Bethel Church Endowment Fund, Citizens State Bank, Daybreak Rotary, First American, First Community National Bank, Hudson Community Foundation, Midwest One, St. Croix Electric Commitment to Community, Women of Bethel and Xcel Energy.