Adulting for Teens at the Library



Adulting: The practice of behaving in a way characteristic of a responsible adult, especially the accomplishment of mundane but necessary tasks. We’re running a series for teens who are launching themselves toward independence. Register online or at the front desk.

2/27 (Wed) 6-7:30pm Session One: What’s in Your Wallet? Hopefully Money. Learn about  balancing a checking account, student loans, car loans, credit cards and the adultiest of all financial topics: savings.

3/27 (Wed) 6-7:30pm Session Two: Random Acts of Adulting and Dinner Etiquette. Laundry tips, button sewing, stain removal and much more in this session. Plus a mock business dinner (real food, mock environment) so you know which way to pass the bread basket.

4/17 (Wed) 6-7:30pm Session Three: Supercharge Your College Experience. Learn about study habits, college housing, dealing with roommates and carving out a social life. Plus budget-friendly and nutritious dorm-room meals.                                                                                 

5/15 (Wed) 6-7:30pm Session Four: Avoiding Car-tastrophe. in this outdoor session with a car, a mechanic will give hands-on tips for basic maintenance and how to keep your car running in cold weather.