2nd Annual Tween Etiquette Dinner

Most tweens aren’t regulars at fancy restaurants or glamorous dinner parties. That’s why the Hudson Area Public Library is planning a special event for kids to learn etiquette and practice manners and social skills.

The etiquette dinner will tackle those perplexing dining questions. Why are there three forks, and which should I use? Where do I put my napkin when I go to the bathroom? Why is there a small bowl with warm water on the table? What is a palate cleanser?

We’ll have answers to those questions and more Friday, Nov. 9 at our after-hours dinner. The dinner runs from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. The meal includes multiple courses. River Valley Catering is providing the entree, and gluten-free options will be available.

Etiquette isn’t a practice from the past. Today’s job interviews often include a meal as a test of an applicant’s social skills. In the business world, fine dining is an occasional–or even regular–part of the job. In a fast-food world, it’s important for young people to prepare for unique dining experiences they’ll encounter as they grow.

The library is offering several cooking programs for adults and kids in the coming year. November also has a Thanksgiving cooking program for kids (Saturday, Nov. 10) and an International Christmas cooking program, also for kids (Saturday, Dec. 8). Watch for details.

Registration and an after-hours permission slip is required for the etiquette dinner so stop by the youth services to sign-up.