Young Writer’s Workshop

For kids, reading and writing go together like peanut butter and jelly. That’s why we offer a monthly Young Writer’s Workshop at the Hudson Area Library. Even if young writers don’t want to become professional writers, the skills they learn through creative writing will benefit them in virtually any career.

More teens and tweens than ever have developed an interest in creative writing, partly due to the explosion of online fan fiction sites.These sites allow writers to post original work or their personal adaptations of stories such as Harry Potter or Percy Jackson. (Note to parents: Some writing sites, even those designed for children, can have inappropriate content; and bullying can occur in the comments sections. Additionally, adults are able to create profiles in which they pretend to be children.)

A quick Google search also turns up countless writing contests for youth as well as writing classes and camps. Kids can also get their name in print through various self-publishing options.

Teachers, however, have less classroom time to focus on creative writing. Curriculum changes and the emphasis on standardized tests have cut teachers’ classroom time. Some people think creative writing is a frivolous activity, but educators know it’s a process that stimulates imagination, fosters expression and improves reading skills.