Library Space Planning and Architectural Study

The Hudson Area Public Library is seeking proposals from qualified library interior design and space planning consultants with knowledge of best practices in space utilization and architectural studies to develop conceptual designs and provide cost estimates for interior remodeling of the Hudson Area Joint Library, commonly referred to as the Hudson Area Public Library (HAPL or Library). The Library is seeking to evaluate the Library’s spaces in order to more effectively serve the Hudson Area community in a dynamic and engaging library environment. The Library, which is located in the City of Hudson, Wisconsin, is a joint municipal library serving the 32,000 residents of the four municipal partners— the City of Hudson, Town of Hudson, Town of Saint Joseph, and the Village of North Hudson—located in Saint Croix County. The Library, which relocated to its current location in 2010, is housed in a building that formerly served as a corporate headquarters. The building is over 33,000 square feet; however, the Library shares the building with the Hudson Police Department. The Library occupies 19,032 square feet of the building. Optimization of space usage is imperative to effectively serve the Hudson Area community. The remodel will focus on better, more effective and efficient space utilization, will serve to support current and future use, provide an environment for reading, research, enrichment, and community engagement. The remodel will allow the library to provide expanded opportunities for individuals and groups, offer 21st-century technology, and inspire a quest for knowledge and life-long learning.


Our Library

The Library is located in downtown Hudson on a hill that overlooks the scenic Saint Croix River. The location is picturesque and visitors often comment on the beauty of the location. The building, which was built in the 1980s and reflects the modern style of that era, is a two-story building plus a basement. The Library occupies the entire second floor and two-thirds of the main level. No basement space is available in the Library for use.

The Entrances
The main entrance, which shares a vestibule with the Hudson Police Department, is located behind the building and away from the street. The second entrance, which is more frequently used by visitors, is street-side and more visible. Inside the main entrance vestibule, there is a bulletin board for posting legal notices, meeting and public hearing notices, and other governmental postings. The second entrance vestibule offers a coat rack and Friends of the Library book carts with “free” books are located in this area.

The Main Level
The main level of the Library features an atrium, circulation desk, public computers, a small MakerSpace (iLab), administrative offices, storage room, staff workroom, book return closets (indoor and outdoor), bathrooms, and an area for patron holds. The main level is spacious but space is not well utilized.

The Second Floor
The second floor of the Library is home to the Children’s Area, Young Adult room, the magazine reading area, the Adult collection, and the History Room. The Children’s Area includes a story time room, a family bathroom, a storage room, two staff offices, and three small rooms—Children’s Mystery Room (contains the mystery collection), the Parent-Teacher Resource Room, and the Tree House room (reading area). Additionally, the second floor has a large “Board” room located at the very top of the stairs. This room is a focal point, but the room no longer offers current technology and needs updating. Several smaller rooms are used for small group meetings or individual studying. Next, the second floor houses the Friends of the Library Book Store and workroom. The area surrounding the bookstore and workroom, often, is filled with Friends of the Library book carts, as well as storage of tables and chairs. This can create congestion in this area. Also, the public bathrooms are located in this area, as well as the Community Bulletin Board. Finally, located on the second floor is a very large staff room with a kitchen and a small balcony with views of the river. Currently, the room is used in a variety of manners. The room is used for staff breaks, by the Friends of the Library for overflow and storage, and Library staff uses the room for some Library programming.


Project Characteristics

The selected consultant will evaluate existing spaces at the Hudson Area Public Library and provide recommendations for improved space utilization including, but not limited to, reconfiguration of the Library’s spaces to include the Children and Young Adult areas and collection, public computers, seating, quiet study areas, Adult collection spaces, public meeting spaces, programming and community use space, and staff workspaces and offices. The design should be cost-effective, make use of existing features, shelving, and furniture, as feasible and desirable. Elements of design should include multi-use spaces, centrally located and visible information/circulation desk, improved workspaces conducive to efficient workflows, updated technology, and media, meeting rooms that function as collaborative spaces with updated media and technology, storage space, and consolidation of the Friends of the Library spaces. The design should demonstrate the maximization of space for additional volumes of books, as well as more efficient staff and public spaces. The consultant will provide recommendations for improvements and an implementation plan to alter, remodel, redesign, redecorate, and re-furnish the Library space within a two-year period. The process will include seeking input from the communities served.

Proposal Requirements 
Please include the following information:

  • Name and address of firm
  • Principals of the firm
  • A statement of the firm’s experience and qualifications to meet the requirements of the Hudson Area Public Library as outlined herein:
    • General overview and history of your company
    • Number of years in business
    • Location of business headquarters
    • Type of business
  • Resumes and/or background descriptions including relevant experience of the proposed project staff
  • Description of previous experience with library interior design and space planning and architectural studies related to libraries:
    • Provide a list of 3 projects with similar scope and size, preferably public libraries, including the following information:
    • Project name and location
    • Project dates of performance and/or completion
    • Customer name, contact person, and contact email or phone number. (By providing such references you agree that neither the Hudson Area Joint Library, nor the clients referenced shall have any liability regarding the provision of such references or the Hudson Area Public Library’s use of such references in making selections under this request for proposals.)
    • Project type (remodel, expansion) and description of concepts used
    • Square footage involved
    • Estimated and completed costs.
  • Description of Methodology—Detail the firm’s proposed approach to work, as outlined herein
    • Include a description of how the firm will approach the project and gather information, conduct research and observe existing workflows and practices
    • How the firm will measure efficiencies
    • Approach to working with staff and soliciting community input
  • Proposed Project Plan—Detail the firm’s proposed project plan, as aligned with the firm’s approach to the required work.
    • Describe how the firm will approach the project and gather information to develop the designs. Include onsite visits, research, staff interviews, community input, and observation periods.
    • Provide a commitment to complete design and space planning, including detailed cost estimates and initial plans by December 1, 2018.
  • Fees: The fee structure shall be written in the proposal and stated in figures. The Hudson Area Public Library is exempt from sales tax and this shall be taken into consideration.
  • Total Consultant Cost: Cost quotes and payment terms should be included for all services; HAPL will not reimburse proposers for any costs involved in the preparation and submission to this RFP or in the preparation for or participation in any subsequent demonstrations and meeting prior to selection

Terms and Conditions

  • This RFP does not obligate HAPL to accept or obligate HAPL to contract for any expressed or implied services
  • HAPL reserves the right to reject any and all proposals.
  • HAPL shall not be responsible for any costs incurred by the firm in preparing, submitting, or presenting its response to this RFP.
  • HAPL reserves the right to request any proposer to provide clarification of its proposal or to supply additional materials deemed necessary to assist in the assessment of proposals.
  • All proposals and submissions shall become the property of HAPL upon receipt and may be used by HAPL in the selection of a proposer and may be incorporated into any final agreement between HAPL and the proposer submitting the proposal.
  • Hudson Area Public Library is an “Equal Opportunity Employer”.
  • If a firm is selected but does not execute a signed written agreement within 60 days, the Library reserves the right to award any contract to the next most qualified firm.


Selection Criteria

The Hudson Area Public Library will evaluate proposals and select a firm based on the following criteria:

  • Appropriate expertise for this type of project
  • Demonstrated experience, including reference responses
  • Knowledge of regulations and best practices related to this project
  • Compliance with proposal request
  • The approach and ability of the firm to perform the required service
  • Fee proposal


Award of Contract

HAPL reserves the right to reject all proposals in the best interest of the Library.

HAPL shall have a period of 120 calendar days after the opening of the proposals to award a contract or reject all proposals.


Proposed Timetable 
March 1, 2018: RFP Released
April 16, 2018: RFP Responses due by 5:00 p.m. Central Time (CT)
April 24 – 26, 2018: Review of Proposals
April 30 – May 3, 2018: Notify short list of firms selected
May 21 – 24, 2018: Site visits to Library and interviews
June 2018: Selection of final firm; Library Board, staff, and public input
September 1, 2018: Initial design plans and cost estimates
October – November 2018: Public meetings/input
December 15, 2018: 8 Final design plans and cost estimates due

Contact: Tina Norris, Director
Hudson Area Public Library
715-386-3101 x 305


Legal Notice 
The Hudson Area Public Library will receive sealed bids at the Hudson Area Public Library at 700 1st Street, Hudson WI 54016 until 5:00 p.m. Central Time on April 16, 2018.

Library Space Planning and Architectural Study
Proposals will be publicly opened and acknowledged and will be read at a later date.

A copy of the RFP for Library Space Planning and Architectural Study is on file at the Hudson Area Public Library Information Desk or on the Hudson Area Public Library website and may be obtained without charge. All bids shall be submitted in an envelope/package and marked with the name and address of the bidder. If the bid is sent through the mail, or another delivery system, the sealed envelope/package shall be marked with the notation “BID ENCLOSED” and addressed to Library Director / Hudson Area Public Library located at 700 1st Street, Hudson WI 54016.

The Hudson Area Public Library reserves the right to reject any and all bids, to waive any informalities in the bid received, and to accept any bid which it deems most favorable.