Construction Club

At the Hudson Area Library, we know the only thing kids like better than construction is destruction. Now they can do both.

We’re hosting a Construction Club for kids on the third Thursday of every month. We give them a variety of materials and challenge them to create. We have Legos and K’nex, but we also use everyday items.

Have you ever watched a kid unwrap an expensive toy and then play with the box? Their imaginations are fueled by ordinary objects. When we give kids marshmallows and toothpicks, they find a way to build a tower.

Kids’ natural curiosity drives them to put things together–and take them apart–to learn how things work. Educators describe these skills as inquiry-based learning and tactile perceptions. Kids just call it tinkering.

In Construction Club, we let kids tinker. The projects help them develop fine motor skills, problem-solving abilities, and creative minds. Kids also learn how to collaborate when they work on challenges together.